Sites Required To Shift Over To Https With SSL Certificates

What will Google do about their custom domain blogs hosted on ‘blogger’ where HTTPS isn’t available? How will they address this? Do they address it at all? What will they do if anything?

Is Google going to release some sort of statement over people’s concerns about this and what it will mean to people who have custom blogger domains?

Would they be enabling https support to custom domain blogs before the chrome release is scheduled to come out on the 17th of this month?

I find it really weird/strange that Google would demand everyone switch over to https, but not say anything about their own platform, ‘blogger’ and the fact that they still haven’t enabled ‘https’ support to their custom domain blogs. It doesn’t make sense.

This is interesting asasass because I use a custom domain blog in blogger and I wonder how the new google policy will affect me since HTTP is not available.

I blog on sportsblog; do you guys know if they will be affected?

Google: “Do as I say, not as I do.”
There are many examples.


Isn’t https more for sites which have forms for taking in personal information that isn’t for the public?

Would it be applicable for a blogging site which is composed of public texts?

Which is the most cost effective way to convert an http website to https website with sub domains? Any one providing free certificate for https conversions?

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Is it possible to use letsencrypt if my site has sub-domains?

btw, the link is not working. Got “Page not found” error.

Yup. One site I set letsencrypt up for was itself a subdomain, i.e. This works, but I’d imagine you’d need to set up each subdomain separately.

It should be mentioned that to install letsencrypt yourself, you will need root ssh access to your web server. Do you have that?

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