Sitepoint update notifications?

Dunno about anyone else, but when I get those blue notifications at the top right, I’m not getting any “unread” or “new” tabs at the top updating accordingly. They say I still have 0 unread and 0 new posts to read. Yet I obviously do have new/unread posts since I have notifications.

Just a little thing I found (bug?)

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Also posts keep failing saying network timed out (error 502), and it bounces back in the WYSIWYG pane. Yet when I refresh, the post is there.

This goes for edits too. They “don’t save” but they do…

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Yes, sorry - you’re not alone here.

There was an “upgrade” of the forum software last night, and it seems to be causing some issues. (Which it didn’t cause when we tested it, of course. ) Hopefully it won’t take too long to get it fixed, but I agree it’s hugely annoying in the meantime.

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Do you happen to know if the viewport width scrollbar issue mentioned here was part of that update?

Not that I know of. I also have seen the notification issue, but at this moment, it shows properly for me.

Could you post again so I can see if it’s working? I went straight here from another thread.

Sure, and it worked for your post too. It seems to be hit or miss, and I noticed it doesn’t update while it waits to show you the 502 error you received when posting, once you get the 502 error, the display updates… It is very weird.

Upon last post, I got both issues.

Notice that I got hte 502 error yet the homepage says the last post was under a minute ago (mine.)

Yeah, it is definitely related to the 502 error. I’ve just confirmed it.

In short, if you get a 502 error and you do not refresh the page, your notifications will be out of whack. If you come to Sitepoint and do not make a post, the notifications work as designed.

Seriously need this 502 issue fixed.

I’m having problems to post… and to edit my own post!!

Technically it is posting, you are just getting an error too. Welcome to the club (that everyone is a member of right now…)! :smile:

I had issues on my home computer this morning and now at my work. I would probably normally write this off as my DoD network (we’ve been having issues) but considering my home computer also had this…

I think you get the blue indicator when someone reads the post - that doesn’t necessarily mean they have replied. I have often clicked on that to see that my past is still the last one.

No, that definitely doesn’t happen. The blue indicator is to indicate a change of some sort. Could be an edit, moved, reply, first like, etc.

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That might be it - any bigger change than that and I would have noticed.

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