Sitepoint support requested for a "Billing error amendment"

I really don’t want to post this here, but I can’t get anyone from Sitepoint to respond. On May 1 my regular monthly payment went through for $15, and then on May 16 my monthly account was charged $16.45 for a “Billing error amendment.” I was given no explanation, no receipt, no notice - nothing.

I didn’t buy anything for $16.45. I have no agreement with Sitepoint to pay them $16.45. My account is 16+ months old, paid monthly, and is in good standing. If they can charge me $16.45 without notice, why not charge me $17.45? What’s to stop them from charging me $216.45?

I’ve written to support@ and, and no one has responded at all. I’ve used regular email and I’ve used their support system on their website. This is my 6th or 7th request for account assistance, and regrettably, I have to do it in public. What do I need to do, contact their support staff individually through Twitter?

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@ophelie, @ralphm - can you find the relevant person to deal with this?


Hi Michael,

Thanks for posting this, and I’m sorry you’ve had to. Our support manager will reply to your support tickets in a moment, but this is worth addressing in public.

The billing amendment was applied for a small number of users whose account renewal fell during a particular period. You’re right that your account is in good standing — this was a problem on our end, not on yours.

If they can charge me $16.45 without notice, why not charge me $17.45? What’s to stop them from charging me $216.45?

That’s a fair question. We can’t (and wouldn’t) charge anything other than the pro-rated amount for the missed billing days on a user’s account. Our payment processor wouldn’t allow it, and that’s a very good thing.

I’m sorry for both the billing issue and the lack of a quick response. You can DM me here on the forums, or email me (ophelie @ if you have any other concerns.


Thanks Ophelie.

A day later, and I received notices that all of my support requests have been merged into one. But no reply of any sort from a support manager. I’ll take you up on your offer of email rather than complaining further about bad customer service on your forums.

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