Sitepoint signature nofollow?

is sitepoint signature link nofollow now?

Yes - and invisible to non members and search engines.

Sucks you guys are always changing the rules on signature links.

You guys must receive a lot of spam huh?

the spam is pretty much constant, and it’s pretty low

what the recent changes accomplished was to cut down on the number of brain-dead “seo experts” who think that forum signatures have some “link juice” and who therefore plastered fluff all over the place

Yes. (counting fluff posts as spam)

The changes made to the signature links has had no impact on their real value though - only on their perceived value to spammers. Irrelevant links that the search engines can see and follow have zero real value while relevant links have value whether the search engines can see them or not.

My vote: We have an important thread which makes examples of the major fluffer’s (by their website name) - Sort of like the “wall of shame” :lol: