Sitepoint Premium WordPress theme 'Portfolio'

I’ve been using this theme for a while now - it’s very flexible and does what I want - until the latest version of WordPress came out.

Most of it is unaffected, whether I use the old editor or Gutenburg, but the one thing that is a real setback is that I can no longer drag images around on the Album edit page.

In the section headed ‘Gallery … Add you photograph here’ it used to be possible to add a bunch of images from the media library, then arrange them in the desired order by drag and drop. This no longer works so it is necessary to add them one by one in the desired order, which is very slow. Also, if later wanting to insert new images anywhere other than at the end in the future, it’s necessary to delete some images, insert the new ones and re-insert the old ones.

Is this a known problem with Portfolio under WP 5.0.3?

Is there a solution, anyone can suggest please?


As far as I know, SitePoint discontinued their themes a while back, so there won’t be any updates to them.

Hi Roy,

Sorry but yes we no longer supporting the themes so they have not been updated so support wordpress 5.0 +

We did open the themes up on github so that people can access and get the code but we won’t be investigating issues or putting in fixes from our side of things.


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The Premium Portfolio does not seem to have been discontinued:

I see. Thanks.

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