SitePoint Forumcast: After Hours Episode 2 is out!

The FC is :tup:

Thanks for all the hard work, FC team. :slight_smile:

I enjoyed listening to all segments and will most definitely tune in again for episode III.


Ah yes, a good series. Surprising they haven’t packaged it up. I did a little online search. All I found were torrent sites offering all series, though I don’t even know how to use those (or care to know–though I know someone who lives by them). Serves the BBC right that this is where it ends up, though.

That may be a possible reason but… I don’t think it is as they would not provide the service in UK which is, after all, their biggest market.

Anyway, all my ranting is due to a program that I really like and they only sell the DVD for Series 1 (which I have) but that’s about it… I know there were at least 7 series on TV but I can’t even buy it because they were never launched on DVD :frowning: Bad, BBC, bad!

Can’t. It tells me that due to copyright restrictions I’m not allowed to watch the program because I don’t live in Australia.

I’m sure it is the same with the BBC. But they do sell the DVDs worlwide… except for the program I want to buy which they only have series1 :mad: :lol:

TV Drama maybe… Dead Ringers don’t :nono: :frowning: :mad:

Glad you guys enjoyed it :weee:

@Marcel - SitePoint is kindly hosting our audio for us :slight_smile:

About the music - Wow, something for us to consider for our next meeting perhaps, thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Dead Ringers

Well done all—a lot of fun.

I agree with Mark that the music is a little… well… hard to listen to. Maybe try some of Andrew’s classics!

Also agree that Maleika’s book review was great. Well done!

@Nuria Even though the BBC is a free service, I presume they sell content to other countries? A lot of their stuff gets aired here (In Australia) on TV, but I presume it’s purchased, so I guess broadcasting it to the world would prevent them making any money out of it. Not sure, but it’s one possible reason you can’t watch it online.

But I assume they can block other countries from accessing online material. Our version of BBC here, called ABC, broadcasts most of its shows online one they’ve been aired. I don’t know, but I suspect only we in Australia can view that content. Otherwise it would surely breach copyright if people from abroad could view it. I don’t know, though. You could try logging on to our online TV service to see if you have access:

I doubt it’s possible… especially as it requires a good broadband connection for proper streaming, which may not be possible via satellite.

It’s a great service, though, If I miss a show, I just watch it online later. (My video recorder is broken, and I don’t have digital TV yet.)

I haven’t heard the audio yet (have to find me a Wi-Fi connection) but basically because in the UK you are paying a TV Licence Fee of approximately £142.50 per year to see/receive live BBC Broadcasts.

It is the only reason there is a TV Licence fee in the UK to pay for the BBC Services including BBC radio, etc.

Some of them will be “restricted” because outside the UK you aren’t paying them for the privilege (funding the BBC) while some programmes are funded by additional “grants” and contracts, etc.

It’s non-profit basically because the Tax Payer (via Licensing fees) is the main funding source of a Public Service.

Though most popular BBC Drama series do end-up on DVD nowadays.


This is a change. Podcasts on Sitepoint now ? very nice.

Can I host the podcast file on my website ?

Andrew was a fun subject to interview. Contact info is in the first link in my sig.

:tup: well done. The music at start of the segments is pretty cringe worthy though :wink:

Kohoutek’s review on Handcrafted CSS was great.