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And how would I do that? (clueless)

Yup, I’ve seen this before too. Which is why I adjust the angle until things appear the way they’re supposed to appear.

I think the irksome part of all this is that you know full well what the problem is. You know the problem is caused by your screen angle. Yet you came here blaming SitePoint. You literally called it “poor design” because they didn’t accommodate your awkward angle.

If you know that your screen angle is causing you to not see things correctly, then you should fix your screen angle.

And it seems you didn’t read what I said…

My laptop monitor is in a NORMAL position and a PROPER angle so I can best read text and see most things.

However, when people use shading that is TOO LIGHT or lacks CONTRAST - as is the case with SitePoint’s code-shading - then it makes it difficult on me the end user.

Now I can’t control how my eyes work compared to your eyes, but then that is the point of “accessibility”…

It is my stance that if someone just tweaked the code shading to maybe #F0F0F0 then everyone could still read it and it would definitely look better to me.

Don’t blame the user, and don’t blame my laptop or how it is set up.

I do NOT have this issue on any other website I visit…

See a theme here?

Why not call it like it is and admit that maybe a slightly darker color on the code shading would at best help some people like me out, and at worst go unnoticed by others?

I guess you and I will have to agree to disagree.

In all fairness, I have a similar problem.

In the Spring and Fall for about an hour each mid-afternoon the sun shines in on my monitor and I can’t see anything for the glare.


Same here (on those occasions on which the sun does shine ), but it’s easily remedied by drawing a curtain - or going for a walk, which is my preferred option.

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So, Mods/Admins…

Can you please made the shading for the [ code ] tags a little darker (e.g. “#F0F0F0”)?? :innocent:

You will have to give it time. It would have to get prioritized and run through a process. We’ve got a lot of things that are on our list and this right now is still very much in an analysis phase.

Well I am making a formal request that SitePoint considers this for accessibility reasons!!

And as I pointed out, darkening the background reduces contrast, which itself could cause accessibility issues for some. So as @cpradio says, it will need to be looked carefully to see what the best option is.

Another option is to forget about the background color and instead delineate code blocks primarily by a line number gutter, especially since line numbers could be a useful addition anyway.

See SyntaxHighlighter for inspiration.


This is clearly a calibration issue. Using a properly calibrated IPS panel the grey is perfectly visible. Sitepoint cannot adjust its colour scheme to meet the needs of users who have their brightness/contrast setting set too high. As as starting point I suggest you go here:

I don’t think this is an issue with my Mac or my Mac’s settings or with me. As stated before, anyone who has ever used a laptop before can tell you that if you look at things at different angles it adversely affects what you see[/quote]

This is only an issue with low quality displays that use TN panels not for “anyone who has ever used a laptop”. Anyone doing serious design or photographic work (a large section of sitepoint’s audience) should not be using such a panel in the first place.


How do I calibrate my MacBook Pro’s monitor?

You are saying my Mac is low quality??

I have no idea, as I’ve never used a MacBook - but it appears lots of other folk know:

And if you need further help on either, you could start here:

If the colours change depending on viewing angle then it’s using cheap a TN panel and it’s certainly lower quality than a computer that uses an IPS or VA panel.

And how would I know which I have?

No idea, I’d just google the model name + “panel type” or “tn panel” and see what google says. However, quick google seems to suggest that unless you have a mac with a ‘retina’ display, it’s using the poor quality TN technology:

This video should explain everything :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, a very good refresher in optics.

I was expecting an additive vs. subtractive but that was very good.

A great example of why anyone that is beyond casual browsing and is serious about graphics should invest in the proper equipment.

Ralphy, I got a B-I-G “Man Crush” going on just for you right now!!! :thumbsup:


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