Sitepoint books for .Net

Is Sitepoint going to get .Net books from Packt Books?

Just sign up I am a little shock from the lack of .Net books.


Welcome to the forums, @saludalabshome. smile

I’ve alerted SP HQ to your question. Hopefully somebody who knows the answer will be along in due course to explain the position.

Hi David,

We only have a few .net books at current:

Any peticular ones from packt that you are after? We are adding some more soon and I can have a look and see if the title is in our list for you.

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Sorry it took so long to get back. I was having issues logging into community with Firefox and Edge, not user it is my security / ad blocker settings. Just try a bare bones Chrome to log in. I am a C# developer so I spent most of my time using Microsoft Solutions for work.

The book I am interested in is C#8.0 and .Net Core 3.0 Modern Cross-Platform Development. Also interested in C# and .Net Core Test-Driven Development.

Would be nice if Sitepoint could pick up more Packt books for Microsoft subjects.

Thanks David

There is not much .Net around here. Your help answering questions and possibly writing articles would be appreciated I am sure. I think I have answered the few .Net questions in these forums in the past few months. I could submit some articles but they remove any link I post to my website (they call it spam) that is relevant to and helpful for questions so I won’t submit my stuff here.


Thanks for the book suggestions. I have passed it onto our person who acquires our books.

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