SitePoint Blogs - Who Comments?

Looking at comments under articles in weblogs, I’m generally confused which comments belong which commenter. This is basically because I cannot recall whether that particular blog displays the info about the commenter above or below the comment.

Especially for blogs I do not regularly visit, I’d need to scroll to the first or the last comment to check this each time.

Now, I wonder can you remember, without checking, whether the info about the commenter is displayed above or below the comments in SitePoint blogs. Please answer the poll.

I agree it could be made a little clearer, you ok when there’s only half a dozen comments but past that it’s easily to loose track of whether the person who made the comment is listed above or below the comment.

Now that I checked just before posting this thread, I know the correct answer (I hope :D) but will vote for the choice I’ve thought to be true before checking it today.

With Firefox with CSS off, the comments appear as a numbered list. The commenter’s info is at the end of the comment before the next numbered list item. No problem there.

With CSS on, the comments appear inside “text baloons” originating from the gravatar. Cute, but not completely obvious.

For me, I tend to “lose” the pairing when the comments are lengthy more than when there’s lots of them.

On my WordPress blog, the comments are numbered with the commenter’s info leading off, But I guess this is one of those things (like where nav links go) that are open to styling preferences more than any “de facto” convention.

With CSS on, the comments appear inside “text baloons” originating from the gravatar.

Oh, I don’t see the light blue border at all on my monitor. I checked an article page in Photoshop and yes it’d be all right if I saw that on my browser.

It’s a rather clumsy implementation and defies the natural convention (you expect to see who is speaking before the speech occurs such as in this forum where the user information is presented left to right in the natural reading order). I was actually pretty confused as to whom was saying what and have been caught out a few times in the past, perhaps the Admins will swap it around to be more inline with user expectations :slight_smile:

This made me realize that I have a serious gamma issue with my monitor. I cannot see light midtones on my screen. That speech bubble around comments was completely out of my sight. (I’ve tried a few fixes, resetting gamma etc. but none worked perfect yet.)

So SitePoint comments are ok with me as they are, except the point Alex mentioned. Still there are many other blogs around suffering with the problem.