Sitepoint banner problem

Currently on a new PC at work using IE and visiting the page I can not access the hamburger menu as there is a banner over it?

There is also a problem with the banner display:

I’m not using IE, but I’m only seeing that banner on the log-in page, where there is no hamburger menu.

I don’t see any other problem with the banner (beyond the obvious that the offer has been “ending” within the next 24 hours for at least the last six months ). Which version of Windows/IE?

I just duplicated your issue with Internet Explorer 11. The good news is Microsoft Edge works correctly and since you reported that you are using a new computer we can make the assumption you’re using Windows 10 and have Edge available correct?

Use Edge if you must use a Microsoft web browser, it seems to work as well as Chrome.


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I have only been with this company a week and have not had time to properly set anything up on the PC yet. It is not a problem and as you say it looks OK on Edge; I just thought I would mention it as I do not think it looks very professional.

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