Sitepoint adverts

I seem to be getting a lot of adverts here these days - well two - just now I had one in the header and a fly out one further down the page.

It does not really worry me as I tend to ignore these adverts but thought I would mention it.

The adverts on a desktop although infuriating can be handled quite easily but make mobile usage intolerable. The tiny close buttons make them impossible to close. My mobile reading time has greatly diminished.

Shows how much attention I pay to them I had not even noticed the close button!

I’ve checked them out on desktop a wee bit.

Not all that bad IMHO, they are Cookie based and go and stay away once you close them

But you are right, they can only be closed by clicked the “x” close.

Being keyboard closable and / or having some “not as prominent as the main CTA” close target would be better for those that have trouble clicking the “x”

Yeah, until you switch devices. So my mobile, laptop, and work computer…switching between them 50x a day. It gets old extremely fast (having to close multiple ads 50x a day) and I’ve made a thread about the ads in the past but it got ignored.

They’ve only added to the amount of ads.

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There’s more than one reason why Adblock has become popular.

Discourse doesn’t look to be counting your visits using different devices as being different visits, that could be a way to go (i.e. per visit rather than per cookie) if the devs et al. go for it.

I love Sitepoint. I’m trying to give them the chance to hit me with ads on the off chance I see something relevant.

It’s just going overboard.

Yes. eg. the Learnable one in the previous screencap is relevant.
As long as they pertain to the “target audience” it’s cool with me too.

But I agree. As one that is here every day, often several times, once per day (a Discourse “visit”) would be preferred and enough

They don’t though. I got blasted with Learnable ads (I stopped looking but I might still be). I shouldn’t be getting Learnable ads.

One a day would be fine with me. I actually avoid switching devices now because I dread having to close the ads.

I am getting tempted to apply Adblock and turn it on just for SitePoint. None of the other sites I visit are anywhere near as annoying with the ads.


Maybe it would be good to identify how/where the ads could be placed to make them less intrusive for you. I know the borders on bike shedding as everyone will have a different opinion but it may identify a common placement.

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We’ve had a few people say that as well, so our advertising team is aware and we’ll have some changes to the current ads soon.

To echo @cpradio’s remark, what would make them less intrusive or easier to live with? An easier way to ‘x’ out of them? Size? Placement?


Not sure whether you all would agree to this, but once per day, per device ads. Not having the problem of switching between devices infinite times, equal infinite Sitepoint ads.

So, one set of ads for SPF per day on mobile, one set for work cmoputer, one set for any new device the user would log into per day.

I’ll leave ad placement, etc, to other members.

Sine we need to login in order to post it ought to be able to keep track of the ads we have already seen and not display them again for a few days if we close them regardless of how many places we log in from…

On desktop, there doesn’t seem to be a way to close them by keyboard. Tabbing through the header links takes me into the topic before I reach the “x” to close the top advert. The ads both disappear at this point, but reappear as I start navigating down the topic. Trying to tab at that stage starts from wherever in the topic I happen to be. I don’t know if continuing to tab would eventually reach a point where I could close them, because I gave up in exasperation and re-enabled AdBlock Plus.

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I feel kind of lucky, I guess. Working for DoD, I didn’t even know that Sitepoint was delivering ads. DoD is blocking them without my even knowing about them!



Beautiful choice of ad placement @Jasmine and SP team. A banner is a great choice. I like it.

Okay, now I can see a gap at the top of the page. I’m guessing that’s where the ads are going.

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Ads are actually there (or so I’m told…) seems my place likes to block those ad sites too. :smile:

My biggest frustration with ads, here and elsewhere, is that I continually get them served in Arabic. Now I understand that the prime market for them is going to speak that language, but given how often I’m asked to specify what language I wish to use on a site, you’d think the advertisers would pick up on that and serve them accordingly.

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