Sitemap question


sometime ago I had a sitemap automatically generated for my website. i didn’t pay much attention to the code because I dont know xml that well. however i have just added an extra page to my website and I noticed this part on it:


Now i would rather the search engines visited fortnightly. Now this maybe sound a stupid question but i wat to get the wrding right. If I want the engines to visit every two weeks do i put “fortnight”, two weeks or something else?


You can change it, but keep in mind they are suggestions not instructions.
The search bots may come by more or less often as they see fit. So if they come by and find nothing changed they may space the visits further apart. If they come by and find changes every visit they may come more often than that.

The options are

    <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
      <xsd:enumeration value="always"/>
      <xsd:enumeration value="hourly"/>
      <xsd:enumeration value="daily"/>
      <xsd:enumeration value="weekly"/>
      <xsd:enumeration value="monthly"/>
      <xsd:enumeration value="yearly"/>
      <xsd:enumeration value="never"/>

I thought so, I was just a little concerned that I was updating the sitemap and perhaps giving them an instruction not to come so often! Now i understand as it is only guidelines.

Thank you.