Sitemap prob

Hi all,

I have a site which has way more than 500,000 urls and now i have done a major reconstruction to the url pattern and many other parts of the site. So i was planning to submit a new sitemap for making the indexing work quicker. But the sitemaps size comes very big for such a huge number of urls.

I have read some previous threads, the comments in those threads say if the site is huge and popular no need to worry about sitemap. But i am not sure whether i need a sitemap or not? i can PM u my site on request.

Thanks in advance.

According to the Google Sitemap FAQ, your sitemap can contain up to 50,000 URLs or reach a file size of 10MB (uncompressed!). However, I would recommend you to split such large sitemaps into various smaller ones which allows Google to retrieve only the latest ones regularly. Additionally, you could gzip your sitemaps for Google to save additional bandwidth.

The larger the site, the more a sitemap helps.

There’s good information on as far as how you should split your sitemaps up…

I’ve no idea where you read that, but I can say for sure that the more pages you have, the more you need to have a sitemap. Ensuring all your pages are correctly indexed an provided so end users can navigate effectively is as important for the end-consumer and accessibility (some screen reader users use sitemaps to navigate a site as their structured better) as it is for the search engine. Breaking the sitemap (as above) is my recommendation too. :slight_smile: