Sitemap Issue

I’ve created a new page for my website.
My re-create the XML sitemap & re-submit the xml sitemap to Google webmaster tool?

The point of the sitemap—so far as I’m aware—to make it easier for Google to crawl the site when it comes avisiting. So as long as you add new pages to the sitemap, I don’t think you need to do anything else.

I usually re-submit my sitemap every time I add new content. So yes you should do re-submit yours as well.

Thanks for your valuable advices.

google webmaster will check daily the sitemap has new links or pages. So if your sitemap is dynamic then you can forget about updating your sitemap. If your sitemap is static then you have to generate it every time there is a change to your site.

Try to check your webmaster’s tool and see if it needs re-submitting…

Unless you have an automated system updating your sitemaps after an update is a sound practice

Don’t forget there are many sitemaps


ROR is really just a RSS feed with additional data (additional data which is not read by search engines)

It’s not going to hurt to submit it via Bing’s Webmaster Center, I wouldn’t bother with Yahoo as they just send the data on to Bing seeing as though Bing powers Yahoo’s search results.