Sitemap and Google

In Google help written, Its better to have maximum 100 links in each sitemap.
So does it mean that more links on sitemaps will not be indexed?
What does it exactly mean?
Can i have 500 links in a sitemap and google indexes them?

You can feed several sitemap urls to google. And don’t get rubbish to create real .xml files.
Google suggests to upto 100 urls per sitemap, but is not really necessary. That is for your ease only. See in google’s webmasters tool and know how it will process your xml feeds.

You can make a dynamically programmed sitemap urls like:



or, url rewrite them to look like


The more data you have, you will get more number of pages. This is valid and easier because in each sitemap page, you can monitor which link is working well or not.

If you put too long list of urls, it impacts the server’s resources, and you will see too big list of urls within your sitemap.

the more you have in your sitemap.xml the more deep links you will have archived on google

and even if you don’t create sitemap, google still going to crawl and index your site pages…

  1. You can have as many as google allow.
  2. From other hand I think you will need to simplify your web site and sitemap somehow. I think that would be useful as for the web site as for the SE.

Sorry but you’re wrong, Google never say that you can only have 100 links in your Sitemap: