Hi, I have a client who has a website with I rebuilt the site using my own Wordpress theme and would like to transfer the domain to a new host. does not respond to my emails. I looked up who the original site is registered with and it is with None of there links work either. If anyone has had experience with these websites any help would be greatly appreciated… Thanks!

Is it registered in your client’s name, or registered to (Some sites offer “free” domains, but do not register them to the customer.)

If the domain is in your client’s name, then you should be able to contact via their contact form:

Alternatively, it looks as if you can e-mail them, as you’ve already tried the registrar without success.

Escalation Procedure :

If the registrant is not satisfied with the initial response then they can send a direct mail to

BTW, when you say you

[quote=“Jmorel88, post:1, topic:219203”]
would like to transfer the domain to a new host
[/quote]do you mean that you want to move the domain to a new registrar too, or just that you want to point it to hosting elsewhere?

Thanks… I contacted publicdomainregistry compliance and they had me contact someone else. It seems this is all going to get sorted out… I want to transfer the domain name to a completely new host.

Glad to hear things seem to be progressing.

[quote=“Jmorel88, post:3, topic:219203”]
I want to transfer the domain name to a completely new host.
[/quote]I think we just have a spot of confusion over the terminology here.

You register a domain with a company, known as a registrar. You host a site with a hosting company. Often, the company is the same for both, but you can register a domain with one company, and host it with another.

Hence I was wondering whether you wanted to leave the domain registered with, or move it to a new company altogether. If I’m reading your response correctly, it seems it’s the latter.

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