Site Validation problem... Please help

Hi, My website has 11 Errors, 30 warning(s) when i validate it through w3 validator. If i go for the internal pages of the website, there are 56 Errors, 26 warning(s) How can i solve this? Can anyone guide me please…


You should post the error you are having trouble with as most are explained by the validator.

Most of the warnings are for an escaped ampersand. (use & instead of just &)

You have missed the closing tag for this elements.

<div id=“center-highlight”>

Put the closing div in place wherever it was supposed to be (probably at the end of the page).

You can’t put html tags inside html attributes.

alt=“<span>compare</span> 4x4 insurance <span>quotes</span>”

That should be:

alt=“compare 4x4 insurance quotes”

There are loads of those mistakes.

You have some attributes that don’t exist for that doctype.

Here is one but there are others in that section.

there is no attribute “itemscope”

<div id="RichSnippets">
		<div itemscope="" etc.... 

They will do no harm but won’t validate.

Style tag is invalid in the body and must be in the head (although it doesn’t seem to do any harm but is not valid).