Site Skeleton help for Chew On This Fishing Show

My current web site is in dire need of updating. I found a skeleton on a site I would like to use for my new site but the code seems to be very bloated. At least that is what a fellow designer friend told me. He reccomended sitepoint and said I should post the link here to the page I would like to use as my skeleton. Any help getting me started in the right direction would be fantastic and much appreciated.

The basis for the skeleton is located hear. This page is the only one I am really interested in. I have been using Dreamweaver for a little over a year and am an amateur at best.

“Bloated” HTML is one of the more subjective parts of building a website (which is already subjective to start with). What if you just tried to rebuild the page yourself (only looking at the page, not its source)? If you have trouble with any particular part, we’d love to help; and honestly, that’s when we’d probably be the most help to you.

Rebuilding a page yourself is a great exercise, regardless of skill level. But if time’s a factor, then honestly, bloat’s probably okay. Unless you can point to actual numbers indicating that it’s keeping visitors away/revenue down, it’s essentially about bragging rights.

Off Topic:

Holly crap that’s a big website for so little content, 11.3MB/s and a 32.49s load time. A perfect example of how not to design/build your website :whip: