Site position

Hello i have alted my website and all the images have gone out of alignment. I was wondering if somebody could fix them up.


website to fix up is

sorry problem solved but if you view you will see 2 images on the left side, how can i get them to appear inside the content blocks, but not overlap like they are doing now?

sorry i do not understand css at all, and do not have time to learn it.

I go through your site. Structural problem found both in HTML ans CSS.

You can write HTML or Structure your site in this manner

1)Define a container with width. Please the below item one after another inside the container.
2) header as a block.
3) navigation as a block.
4) left column. float left. Define width.
5) right column. float left. define width.
6) footer

Define all style in CSS. Avoid inline style and deprecate elements.
Mail me any kind of help.


Not sure if someone will do it for you but you can certainly fix the problem with CSS - also means you learn what went wrong too :slight_smile: