Site Not Visible in UK?

I was working on a website for a client. It was some updates. Everything seem to work fine. However the client is complaining people from UK cant see the website.

Have any of you seen a problem like this?

If you are in the UK would you do a test if you can see this site:

We found the source of the problem. Apparently the admins of the website entered some videos on the homepage (using CMS); some of those video sites was getting blocked by some ISP in the UK. Once we took those off for testing it was viewable.

The site uses javascript to display thumbs from a youtube playlist. Also have a javascript menu.

I would guess for some reason any of those script is getting blocked at UK, I dont know why. I will try disabling both of them.

Appreciate the help folks. Thank you.

much better here. loads pretty quickly…

Looks like a javscript issue, all the page code loads up but doesn’t display

After a long loading time I get the background gradient and nothing else.

I also get a javascript error:

Error: currentGeneWatchIssue is not defined
Source File:
Line: 36

something is kiling the page load. Do you have error_reporting off and what is the site built in?

its still loading after 5 minutes…
Got more of the site but after the header and image area it falls apart.

I just see the background image here as well. Turning javascript off reveals some of the page

hi spike, appreciate checking that.
site is built in asp .net.
its really weird, its working here is the usa. also had a guy from india test it, working fine. seem to be UK audience having problem.

We have recently changed the DNS, about two weeks ago. DNS propagation could be an issue?

could you do another test. i have put the site on a staging server (another server) This is same site but with test data.

Please see if this one loads.