Site Not showing secure

I have developed this and was trying to get the url in the address bar to display the secure icon. Can someone help me trouble shoot this issue of it not displaying. I have attached a image to further explain what I am referring to as a “icon”.


The site has a RapidSSL installed and checks as secure.

This is mainly for customers to easily determine that the site is secure and hopefully help with sales on the site.

Thank You

If a SSL connection has any content loaded through a normal http connection some browsers will show the connection as being unsecure.

What you need to do is review the source code and “update” any content that is loaded from a normal http connection. The normal issues here can be images, javascript and so on. It can also be in your CSS file if you have hardcoded paths to backgrounds etc in it.

Good Luck!

Ok thanks! I’ll look into the CSS and the JavaScript. The source I’ve gone through a lot.