Site not displaying

i installed wordpress through fantastico. my hosting company gave me a url to use till the time my domain does not start pointing to hosting server. when i open that URL it does not show my website. i just installed wp to root directory, thats it. nothing else. please tell me if there is any thing i need to do in order to make it visible, i mean if there was something else i should have done.

one more question that 24hr ago i changed my name servers of domain but still it points to old page, which is a parking page allotted by registrar. i checked through various sites it shows that i am using my hosting company’s name server. how long will it take to propagate properly.
thanks for reading

I know they say it may take some time to propagate, but I have found that usually it can be viewed within a few minutes. Check your nameservers again on the blog host and your registrar. If they look correct, you should contact tech support to find out what the problem is.

i am not able to see it on my laptop, my friends can see, even i can see it using