Site makeover


Some years ago I managed to do a nice reconstruction of my website. With the help and advice of some very helpful persons I turned it into a pretty satisfactory xhtml and css fixed width design. In those days 800x600 was still a very common resolution among my public. A year ago I added a mobile version using jQuery Mobile and Tera-WURFL while for my phpBB forum I developed a mobile template. jQuery Mobile seems pretty good to me, what do you think about jQuery Mobile, do you recommend me to continue using it, do I need it or can I achieve the same mobile adaptability using just html and css?

For some time (to be honest, for too long) I have been thinking about updating the whole site, bringing it up to modern day standards, thinking in the first place about making it adaptive to more screen resolutions. I have spend the last couple of days reading some interesting articles, amongst others the Definitive FAQ on Screen Resolution right here.

I’m starting this topic because I don’t see things clear and want to avoid doing a lot of useless work. I prefer to start working in the proper direction. I won´t mind doing a thorough remake.

My first question is: What do you recommend me to do with the site in my signature, step-wise, thinking about bringing it up to modern standards?


Your site has many articles, so I suggest you focus on doing what makes the text easy to read on the full variety of devices.

Personally I think that responsive designs are worthwhile just because they still work no matter what size device they start selling next year - finally an end to updating every few years to match new devices.

If many of your readers are older, I also suggest that the new design allows people to zoom up (increase) the text size. Reading tiny text with bifocals is a major pain.

I did switch your site to english, but noticed as I moved around the site that pieces switched back to spanish - especially the mail navigation bar.

Good luck on your project!

Hi Greg,

Thanks for your interest.

I believe that’s just what I am asking for, pointers on how to switch this site to a responsive design.

Actually I do have a a text-resizer installed, but it seems you missed that, there´s a * and a - icon on the left, below the search box.

Now that you mentioned it, it’s true that the google translation switches back to spanish on every page change.