Site Logo: H1 text vs HTML image?

I always obsess on this when building a site. Any one have convincing data one way or another to sway my opinion???

My two options are… (1) I put the logo in an h1 and use image replacement for the text. So google sees the text but maybe thinks it’s spammy. (2) I use a img in the HTML for the logo and google only sees the alt tag. So many people do image replacement these days google might appriciate the basic alt even more. Thoughts?

You should use the tags for what they were meant for. H1 is heading, not for logo. You won`t gain anything in terms of SEO for doing that.

The correct answer is you want BOTH.

Read up on Gilder-Levin Method.

It is the best of both worlds!



P.S. Let me know if you need more help.

I think logo is better to be an image. H1 is actually the site title and this tag should be used only once on a page. There is no need to use H1 again. If logo is image, this can be used anywhere. This will be shown under Google images results as well.