Site keeps disconnecting from stylesheet

this site keeps disconnecting from its stylesheet, sporadically. its totally random. its NOT necessarily after we even make any change to template files or any posting. some days its connected, some days its disconnected.

and as soon as i login to the dashboard, and then refresh the front-end, it’s back to normal.

what the heck is going on here???

It’s to do with stylesheet tag. Just look at your source code, that’s not a real url:

<link rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css” media=“all” href=“” />

My guess would be a recursive directory structure problem, or a misconfiguration of your wordpress instance.

thanks goldfidget. yeah, that’s what the source code looks like when things are out of wack. i just signed in to the dashboard, refreshed, and now things are back to normal and the same stylesheet code that you referenced below now looks like this (the way it should always):

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" href="" />

that being said, what is a “recursive directory structure problem” or a “misconfiguration of wordpress instance”? i googled both and didnt find much that made any sense of these for me.

could really use some direction here. please advise. thanks!!!

Ah, so it worked when you signed in? Does it by any chance always work when your signed in, and always break when you’re logged out?

There’s a setting for the root of your Wordpress instance, which you might want to check, but I doubt it’s that as it changes. A recursive directory structure would be if you had created symlinks (shortcuts) that referred to themselves in a loop which could explain the weird repeating directory structure, but looking at it, again I doubt it’s that, it’s not regular enough. You’ll need to do some tests, and put some debugging code in your PHP.

Good luck with it.

it always resets as soon as i log in. it does NOT revert back to the messed up style sheet link as soon as I log out. I’m logged out now and it looks good. It seems to always happen when i look at the site in the morning, so I guess when the clock hits midnight, it reverts back. Just a guess.

does that give any further hints as to what it would be that’s causing the issue???

as far as the theme goes, there’s nothing irregular here. I just made some edits to the parent theme (twentyten) files in the child theme folder.

regarding php debugging, i dont know the first thing about it. any suggestions on where to start to solve this issue?


OK. First up, we need to describe the problem. I would cut and paste the source code into a document (view source on IE, ctrl-u on firefox), then wait for it to happen again and do the same (view source). Now we can see the difference. Look at which URLs are messed up. Are they all CSS urls? Do they relate to a particular plugin? That should give you a clue as to what’s happening.

Ifthey relate to a plugin, disable that plugin. If they relate to the theme, try with a different theme for a day. It’s a process of elimination.

Good luck :slight_smile:

here’s a look at the source code when i havent logged in to the wordpress dashboard for a while and the styles are detached:

you’ll notice that for some reason it there’s tons of mentions of all these different themes that i previously had installed in the wp-content folder. however, those themes are no longer even in the remote wp-content folder!!! i completely deleted them out when i started from scratch with a twentyten child theme about two weeks ago.

it’s not just the stylesheet line of the source code where you’ll notice all this extra garbage code. if you look on line 40, you’ll also notice it there next to an image reference. but after i log in, and refresh the front end, that line of code looks clean like this: <img src=“” width=“940” height=“198” alt=“” />

i’ll get to the plugin elimination, but first wanted to see what your thoughts were on this response. maybe that gives more info on what the problem could be???

so apparently it was a problem with the Contact Form 7 plugin, which is kinda weird because it works fine on other sites. but that’s a mystery to be solved another day.

Brilliant, glad you worked it out :slight_smile:

I take that back. I’m having the same problem now! :injured:

but i think i’m starting to make some headway in figuring it out. i’m still having the issue even though CF7 plugin, and the Green Theme, which are both mentioned in the mangled code, has been complete erased from the remote site. and I already completely uninstalled wordpress and re-installed it. so the problem must be with the database…i figure.

i just did a search of the database for the term “contact-form-7” and found two references to it. See the screenshot here.

should I delete these two lines from the database???