Site jogs left and right on page load

Can anyone help me understand why my site pages jog left then right on page load? (Firefox MAC 10.0.2)

Any help appreciated.

I’m not seeing any jogging. The page appears to load normally.

That said, I’m not seeing much content either: just a background image, main banner and a set of menus which don’t appear to lead anywhere. In Firefox, the images look OK, but in IE the boat partly obscures the main banner.

I appreciate the site is probably not yet fully developed. As you develop it, you need to check how it looks in all the main browsers, and under Windows as well as the Mac.


Thanks, yeah I should have mentioned it’s just under development. The site doesn’t jog in Safari or Chrome for Mac. Haven’t tested it on Windows yet.


It doesn’t jog for me in Firefox windows or mac.