Site issues in IE


I am having an issue with this page I have made. I have never gotten this issue before and dont know how to correct it. Here is the test site It works in chrome, but in IE the links and rollovers dont work… any help would be appreciated.

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Great stuff! You guys are awesome! Thanks so much!

As fattyjules has pointed out, the use of CSS to achieve the same results would be a much more reliable approach.

Here is a link to the CSS menu tutorial that I would recommend:

I’ve found that most CSS menu’s can be a derivative of that. The technique is quite reliable and well tested, quoting a bit of the tutorial here…

testing which showed it works in IE 5.5, 6, 7 & 8, FireFox 2 and 3.6, Opera 9.63 and 10.53, and the latest flavors each of Saffy and Chrome.

You’ll also note that this is one of the lighter techniques available as it is uses combined background images and very minimal markup. If you’re as concerned with minimizing bandwidth usage as me, you might even consider converting the SPANs inside the LIs to Bs or Is. But, that’s just me.

I didnt know that dreamweaver used java to hide those roll over images.

If I were you, I’d go download Crimson Editor (or even just open Notepad, for that matter) and forget Dreamweaver exists. I believe it was the late Dan Shulz that said something along the lines of “the only thing Dreamweaver can teach you is how NOT to make websites.” (Paraphrasing from memory) I’d probably modify that a bit to “Dreamweaver is best suited for weaving nightmares.”

I’m concerned that your site’s links don’t work at all without javascript. That’s bad for your non-javascript users, but it’s even worse for SEO.

Google ‘CSS rollovers’. Your site looks great, you should make it accessible too.

Thanks for the reply and Im glad you like the site :wink: I didnt know that dreamweaver used java to hide those roll over images. I googled CSS rollovers and ya, it has helped a lot, thanks again!