Site is not indexing in Bing Search engine

Hello,I have an issue that my Wordpress Site not indexing by Bing search engine.I submitted my sitemap many of times but Rejected.Please anyone help me

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If it was rejected I assume they must have given you a reason. If it was rejected once unless you change something it will probably be rejected everytime you submit it.

Nobody will be able to help you with your problem unless you supply more details.

Well the reason was quality guidelines.But i dont understand that if my site content is unique then what are the quality guidelines?

I can not see much wrong with it apart from getting an annoying popup add that failed to load.

This may be your problem:

Websites that are thin on content, showing mostly ads or affiliate links, or that otherwise redirect visitors away to other sites quickly tend not to rank well.

To me your site has a lot of ads; check out this page:

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Thanks This may be a reason. i will work on this and if the problem resolved will tell you here.Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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