Site hangs on loading for some users, we are not sure why and which ones

Site is
Loads fine for most, but for some users it hangs on a rotating circle and blank page. Upon refresh usually loads fine the 2nd time.
We can’t get to the reason of why this happens, when and to which user seutps.
Any help is appreciated!

It’s working fine for me on my iPhone (Safari), but I can’t look at anything in any more detail. Have you tried running the site through any of the validators out there, or something like They may show something useful to help you diagnose the problem.

Have you fixed the issues mentioned in your other thread?

yes, we completely re-did the page. Now there is just this occasional problem for some users we can narrow down to.

I suggest you start by validating the HTML, as you have some errors in there. That might not be the cause of your problem, but it’s always good to eliminate the possibility.

You’d be well advised to take a look at this report on too. You want to be getting the speed index down around 1,200 IIRC. It looks like the bulk of the slow response is connected with images being served from your domain.

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