Site going down in google ranking Day by day

Hi friends.
This is my web site and it going down in google ranking Day by day . Please open this site and please help me what I do .

Welcome to the forums, @acharyakrishna0631.

The first thing I would advise you to do is to download a copy of Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” and follow those guidelines carefully. Pay particular attention to things like the meta description; I notice many of your pages have the same, or similar, non-informative text. Also ensure your images have alt attributes. This is important not only for search engines, but also for any human visitor unable to view the image, for whatever reason. This article will show you how to write good alt text.

Remember that your site doesn’t exist in isolation. How well it ranks will depend not only on the quality of your site, but also the quality of your competitors’ sites. If other sites are improving their ranking, yours will have to move down. Look at those sites ranking above yours and see if you can find anything about them which you think would account for the higher position. Don’t try to copy them, but just see if you can learn something or get some news ideas from the way other people approach things.

(And before somebody else comes along and says that “building backlinks” is the answer, let me add that it has been some years since that advice was valid, and creating links with the intention of manipulating search results is now more likely to get your site penalised than improve your ranking. It is against both Google’s guidelines and Bing’s.)

Cool. I am not pretty sure how can I help by opening the website? Unless you only want us to open the site so you can get ‘some traffic’ from us?

I can personally help you if you give us more details - like comparison in rankings, strategies used for both offline/online?

How many positions did your website gone down in the ranking for a specific word?

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