Site Explorer Tools - Timing, Period of Month

When using site explorer tools, such as Linkdex, Open Site Explorer, Majestic, etc. is it best to wait til after the start of the month before running these?

I’ve noticed that even on awstats, the links take a while to restart at the beginning of every month. Not sure how this data is being gathered/cached/tracked though.

I don’t think they all update at the same time. Taking Open Site Explorer as an example, the last update was on 28 Feb. When I checked a couple of days a go the next was due on 10 April but I looked again just now and it has now changed to 27 April.

Recently just now before 2 or 3 days , The Open Site Explorer got another update to it’s linkscape database !! so in my point of view, it is better to check the backlink count at the end of the month!