Site Complete.. What Now?

I finished my site and I’m looking to promote/advertise… looking for free options for right now. I never had to worry too much about this since I usually go the PPC route so I’m a little lost… I submitted the site to Google, Bing, Yahoo… added and submitted the sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools… what should be my next steps? Whats most effective? I see information on “Do Follow Blogs” but the Do Follow thing has always confused me… can someone explain what exactly a Do Follow Blog is and how to spot them if i come across any? I know there r other posts on generating traffic but thought I would ask in a new post since ill have some questions

A dofollow blog or forum is a blog or forum filled with spam from every dog and his fleas posting any old garbage there with the expectation that a gazillion junk links back to their site will actually ADD value to something (rather than totally wrecking their reputation).

i see… so stay away from these? r they all bad?

Just make comment to do follow blog. Yes a lot of people do this just hope that their comment will be approved and their link appear. Spam or not it depends on how they make comment that related to the article posted.

I recommend writing articles and submitting them to good directories. This will get you backlinks and some good traffic if done well. Blog commenting can work if you leave relevant comments. You may want to invest in a link building course as well.

You could comment on nofollow also if they are related to your industry, you know, it’s not only about links and serps but also about new prospects… :slight_smile:

:lol::rofl:Hilarious…:lol::rofl:But true!!!

Although there are a lot of idiots that ruin and diminish the value of blogs and forums, they are still worthwhile… JUST DO NOT repeat the same SPAMMY mistakes as others!!!

I AGREE… Article marketing, if done right is probably the best form of free marketing there is. You have to make sure that your articles have a balance between keywords and information…Well structured sentences that convey a message and lots of QUALITY content…

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            After the site complitions..continue the online promotions the again.


Promoting a new site is about critical mass. Articles, participation in quality & relevant discussion sites, content exchanges, social promotion, seo, etc. are all good topics but the idea isn’t to just do one thing and hope it sticks, it’s to do it all, get a lot of attention and see what works best.

Paid advertising is of course a popular route and lets you exchange time (associated with promotion) for build. Depending on your goals and revenue stream consider it.

Getting your site noticed is a daunting and humongous task. Dont let anyone kid you.
There are various method you can employ. I have a free ebook which i can share. It about getting free traffic which i believe ought to be your starting point.

What sites would be good for article submission?