Site Background WordPress Helppppp

Hey Everyone,

I really could use some help on a site I am working on. The site was built using WordPress and I use custom html and css within the child theme to alter the site. The site located here has a background image on the home page that looks fine. However, I need to replicate the same image on the inner pages but the pages vary in height because of the different amount of content on each page.

I tried using the following code for the inner pages but no luck:

#background {
background: url(“/temp/wp-content/themes/ace_child/siteelements/background_top.jpg”) top no-repeat;
background: url(“/temp/wp-content/themes/ace_child/siteelements/background_middle.jpg”) center repeat-y;
background: url(“/temp/wp-content/themes/ace_child/siteelements/background_bottom.jpg”) bottom no-repeat;

I am using the twentyten theme and do not know how to get this to work. It must work in all major browsers (IE 8 and 9, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari).

Thank you so much in advance. I appreciate all the help!


Do you have the images on the site now? Have you tried using more general height and width properties? For instance width: 100%.