Single link to 2 documents possible?

Anyone know of a way to have a single link on a page open up two separate PDF documents? Basically I have a client who wants a single link on their site to point to two different product brochures. Not sure if this is possible or even practical. Any ideas?

You can add “on click” event to <a> tag, on click using javascript it will open a new window with document #2, and by default it will open #1 document as well.

Not directly without doing something hokey that might or might not work on the variety of devices.

We get similar asks alot, our usual thing is to build a landing page that then gives a very nice treatment and options to open both brochures. Has the added advantage of much better trackability as you are going through a web page so you can use normal modern methods [google analytics].

Another thing would be to combine the PDFs – I think you can do this with now – and just link to that.