Single and Double Quotes

In my HTML, does it matter which of these formats I use…

Option #1:

	<ul id="topMenu">

Option #2:

	<ul id='topMenu'>

When I write PHP, I tend to use this format in my echo statements…

echo 	"<ul id='topMenu'>";

…because it allows PHP to recognize embedded variables.

So for consistency, I guess I would prefer to use Option #2 when I have straight-HTML.

Does it really matter?



no. It functionally doesnt matter whether you enclose attributes in quotes or double quotes. Tho I can see how double quotes would go with the double D brand… (or did I get that backwards) lol

One PHP tip:

echo     '<ul id="topMenu">';  

echo     '<ul id="', $id , '">';  

is marginally faster than

echo     "<ul id='topMenu'>";  

echo     "<ul id='$id'>";  

According to the spec, it doesn’t matter. So it comes down to personal preference.

I personal prefer the double quotes, but I can understand why you’d want to do it your way (though there are other ways to accomplish the same thing)


bah! Dres beat me

Glad to hear I have options!

Ha ha!

That is because things in single quotes in PHP are taken as literals and thus don’t need to be interpreted, right?



When echoing HTML, I almost exclusively do it like this:

$linktext='Visit today!';
echo '<a href="">'.$linktext.'</a>';

This is to avoid having to escape characters, as that tends to get messy and introduces errors.

whut-evah yew wa-ont, so long’s you’s consistent


Apparently a little too much wine… :wink: