Simply rails 2- how do I shutdown the server

after I put in… ruby script/server and I start the server, all I get is a blinking dash or cursor, it said do ctrl-c to shut down the server , so I hold ctrl and c but nothing happens. do I have to close the console and reopen?

To shut down the server after using ruby script/server, use CTRL + C. To exit the console after using ruby script/console, use “exit”.

Are you sure you’re in the terminal window for the server, and not in the console? When I say console, I’m talking about the prompt you get after using the command ruby script/console.

page 143…ruby script/server to start the server, now everything worked fine, I see the webpage, but after the console is done computing it ends with that blinking cursor and nothing can be done with that cursor, do you follow?

That’s right. The process you trigger to start the server keeps running. You can not use the shell session for anything else while the server process is running.

The solution is simple, open up another shell session (on Windows run cmd again to get a second command console window).