Simple word question

How to draw this pipe in word?Please check attachment.

Most likely with ‘Clipart’ and ‘Shapes’ although personally I would choose a more suitable diagramming program.

Hello Dear,
to draw the drawing in word you should follow the following steps:

  1. Take a rectangle its size is 1.89 x 5.79.
  2. Inside there are two rectangles. Draw these rectangles. Draw first one its size is 0.48 x0.94 there is no need to draw second rectangle just press ctl+d for taking second rectangle.
  3. Now there are pipe to draw these one go to Insert tab Illustrations group and click on shapes and take a shape of can. For taking second one press ctl+d.
  4. There are arrow shapes take an arrow by follwoing those steps which are describe on point 3 but take arrow.
  5. Its important that you should use shift key while drawing any shape. Shape will be starighter one.
  6. To right text on shapes click on shape and then press right click of mouse and then select add text. Shape will be in writing mode and write required text.
  7. For grouping your object click on big rectangle and then ctl and one by one click on all shapes during clicking your cursor will have a little + sign.

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