Simple Ways to Bring More

There are few tips to boost your earning after brining Massive traffic on your website.

– Forums Posting (At Least 10 Posts per day)
– Articles Writing (At Least 10 Quality Articles per day)
– Blog Posting (Related to your website, at least 5-10 comments)
– Advertisement (20 ads per day on different websites)
– Update your website contents after 3 days.

But remember continue these steps because some time it takes time.

Hope you understand my sharing and will be get more benefits from it.

– Articles Writing (At Least 10 Quality Articles per day)
This quite hard to do. 10 articles per day. 10 Quality articles … But if you do 1 per day it would be good ( quality one :wink: ).
I don’t say you can’t write 10 articles per day … but for how many days you think you can keep it up like this?

You are doing very hard work on article submission, At Least 10 Quality Articles per day, Quite a number in term of writing article. It is very difficult for me to write 2 articles per day.

I would like to add few more points in it.

Video Marketing - It can bring a huge amount of traffic towards your website, everyone loves to watch videos. So you may create some good videos and upload them to high PR video sites such as Youtube and get a traffic.
Press release submission - I feel, rather than doing article marketing and blog marketing at the same time, we must concentrate on blog marketing and press release submission. It is better than traditional marketing because here you can actually present hot offers about your products, you have a license to market your business.

I feel, the number mentioned is not really very important. If you are doing a quality work, you will defiantly to see results. For example, if you are posting 10 posts on a forum which doesn’t a PR would not make much difference but if you will do couple of nice posts on a high PR forum, you will defiantly get a better traffic. Sames goes for blog writing, posting classified ads and the on-page updates.

Yes “couponsitescript”, I am also agree to you. 10 Quality articles is really hard to post.

I think you’re pretty much spot on, with the type of approach needed, and just as importantly the amount of time promoting a site can take.

Excuse me, but 10 articles per day will not be of significant quality. And I’m guessing based on the shoddy grammar in your post that the 10 posts per day won’t be either.

Strategies like this will get short term spikes and maybe let you scavenge a little bit of money off of the seo and backlink traffic farming but you won’t be able to sustain it unless you can produce real quality, the kind that takes more time than a 10 per day schedule allows.

Press Release distribution also getting more traffic to your website.

There are lots of ways we can increase traffic to our website:

Frequent content update
Being active in blogosphere
Submit contentts article publishing websites
Being active on discussion forums