Simple two column layout eludes me :-(

Gutted to admit this but a simple two column layout is difficult for me to achieve today :frowning:
On this page I just wanted to have a two column layout so the logo would be on the right and the text on the left.

Created two seperate divs, floated one left the other right but for some reson the logo will not sit up on the right.

Bit gutted i cant seam to do this, i really thought just floating two seperate divs different ways would have created two columns.

Any CSS help welcome :slight_smile:

In your css file they are both left.

/*404 error page*/
#404column1 {

#404column2 {

But strangely, in Inspect element, I don’t see any css applied to either of them :confused:
That needs to be fixed first.
Anyway, if I were to use floats for this, I would float only one or them. So float the logo in the top right and have the rest as normal flow.


Knew it had to be something simple I was not picking up on.
Never begin an id name with numbers, it does not work.



As SamA74 already pointed out, you are not allowed to start a css selector with a number. It has to start with a letter.

While studying your css I also noted some errors, mainly having to do with syntax. Lines missing values (background: ; ), invalid property declarations (you can’t start with * ) etc.
Here are the line numbers involved: 286,326,413,440,449,467,944,999,1044,1048,1052.

Happy Coding:

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Brill thanks @SamA74 learnt something new today!

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