Simple tips for online marketing of mobile apps?

Hi, Im new to this forum and looking forward to get simple tips in marketing mobile apps. I am presently taking up a course in mobile app development at Cestar college, Toronto. So I have no much idea about mobile app marketing though very interested in it. I have developed gaming apps which I am trying to draw online traffic, where I don’t have much knowledge of. Any tips and suggestions would of great help. Thank you.

Hi! For promoting your mobile apps and to drive traffic, you have to either go for free marketing methods (like forum posting, bog comments) which are very time-consuming or you can go for paid traffic (like PPC) which gives you instant result.

Here are some simple tips for you.

  • Create a website for your app along with a blog
  • Create social media accounts
  • Publish valuable content
  • Share your posts, videos and features of your app with people on social networks
  • Get the word out

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