Simple Self-hosted Database-less Comments Boilerplate

I love the WordPress and DISQUS comments systems as well as others. However, I’m looking for a painfully simple comments script boilerplate to build something custom off of.

For this project I do not want to rely on 3rd party tools, a MySql database or a moderation admin.

I’m looking for a bare-bones HTML textarea that submits to a PHP file, which directs the comment data to be saved to an XML or plain TXT file. Form should only accept plain text, as in all characters are allowed, but code of any kind does not activate.

I can then expand upon it, add style, security etc.

Is anyone aware of such a boilerplate?


To be frank, you’d probably have to look for decade old code for something like that. Today, generally no one would choose not to use a real database when they’re so easily available and so much easier to work with. If the issue is just that you want to keep your data in a local file, then I’d suggest you look into SQLite.

I’m not adversely against MySql, I use it all the time for WordPress. I just happen to not be using WP on this project so I’m looking for a stand-alone comment system.

The problem is that any comment system I find that uses MySql also means it’s overkill in every other way which is not desired.

Also, since I want to actually store the comments on my own server cancels out DISQUS, Intense Debate etc.

If no one has any suggestions I suppose I’ll just have to dive into the books and figure it out from scratch.

Thanks, Bryan

The complexities of filtering out spammy comments will have to be tackled, making the storage of comments seem utterly trivial by comparison.

Still, [google]simple PHP form to text file[/google].