Simple math question: work this equation backwards

So the answer to X = 11.21

I am trying to work the equation backwards and am melting my brain.

This is wrong below, but this is essentially what kind of answer I am looking for:

62.1 x .2 = X

x^.2 = x^0.2 = x^1/5

So your equation is:

x^1/5 = 1.62. Do you know to take it from here, or need more help? :slight_smile:

OK. It seems you need more. :slight_smile:

(x^1/5)^5 = (1.62)^5 <=>
x = (1.62)^5.

Is that what you’re asking?

On a side note, √x = x^1/2. So x^1/5 is the 5th root from x, or root of degree 5.

yes! thank you!