Simple Macro Sum

What I basically need is a Auto Sum script in Visual Basic for Excel. (Dynamically)

Instead, of having to manually insert the auto sum formula() every time I insert a new number in a new column. I want the script to automatically recognize the numbers, and either subtract, add, multiply, or divide. To get the number to get the value of the column.

I tried something like this -

MyTotal = Application.Sum(Range("A1:A100")) 
' returns the total of the values in A1:A100 in the active worksheet.

[image redacted due to potential privacy concerns]

Can someone help me with the basics of this app? Or show me where I can learn how to do it? Links, anything will be very helpful.

Thank you,

I can’t answer your question, but is that dummy data in the spreadsheet? If not, I recommend you take it down, as that is sensitive information…