Simple, lightweight, accessible fading image rotator


Does anyone know of a simple, lightweight image rotator which fades between a list of images like below, unobtrusively?

<li><img src="img1.jpg" title="image 1" alt="image 1"</li>
<li><img src="img2.jpg" title="image 2" alt="image 2"</li>
<li><img src="img3.jpg" title="image 3" alt="image 3"</li>

There must be something around which does this well, but I just can’t find it and always have to revert to using Flash now for things like this - which is a shame.

Thanks for any pointers…

You may find this list of Javscript Gallery, Slideshow and Effects to be of great use then.

Great, thanks. Many of those I’ve come across but are way more advanced than I need (lightboxes, gallery applications etc) but one of them was perfect: