Simple jquery not working?

It’s been a little while since I did any jquery and for some reason I am stuck on my second line of code.

var $pheight = $(window).height();

$(‘#col_left’).css(‘height’, $pheight);

All I need to do is take the height of the window and resize #col_left to that value.
Simple right? I can’t seem to see anything wrong with it. I do have jquery installed on the site so that is not the problem. I also have tested the variable with an alert and am getting the correct value. What is wrong here?

Thanks all

Is the #col_left element display: block? If it’s currently display: inline then it won’t do anything with the height.

Quick check would be to set block on it:

var $pheight = $(window).height();
   height: $pheight,
   display: "block"

Could be something else in your css conflicting as well, I’d check there first before you change any javascript.

Thanks for the reply. Good thinking too but still not working.

Here is my css:


Any other thoughts?

How about giving it a unit of measurement:

   height: $pheight + "px",
   display: "block"

Yea I thought about that but still nothing. When I check the markup in firebug it isn’t attaching the style attribute at all…? I have this working on other sites that is why I am totally confused as to why this isn’t working. Any other ideas…?

Really appreciate the help

Just a few weeks and already forgot…
idiot!!! :slight_smile: