Simple javascritp IDE

heys does anyone know of a simple javascript IDE/texteditor that i can use? my only requirements is that it has “auto-format” and it is fast (meaning when i ctrl-S-alt-tab-f5 i can see the changes without waiting even half a second). im currently using notepad++ but am looking for a better one because notepad++ doesnt have auto-format (arg!)

I use Komodo Edit, have been using that for a few years now and am quite happy with it as an all-round web language editor.

It has good code-completion / code-hints for JavaScript, jQuery, Dojo, Ext, Prototype and YUI - which is a big plus. (And it will read JSDoc so you get code-hints for your own code if you comment it.)

Another plus is that it runs on Windows/Mac/Linux - so I can use it wherever :slight_smile:

I assume by auto-format you mean the auto-indenting? (smart indentation)

heys i’ve tried it but im actually looking for something “smaller-sized” instead of a full blown ide or something. basically it just needs to have javascript “smart formatting” and that would be great