Simple Java Application

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I am in need of some advice and Ideas, I need some ideas for a simple distributed system that I could make in Java, One Simple Idea that I had was to make an address book application that would save the details to a mysql database and a user would login and it would pull the details down again.

also if anyone has a good guide on how to make a login page for Java please point me in the right direction, when I say login I am not looking for web based login but local login that uses sockets to communicate with a mysql server to make sure username and password is correct

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I think you’re misusing the word “distributed” unless you really mean "distributed. Distributed system requires multiple server running at one time to reduce system errors. So, I’m assuming you meant “simple web system”.

Also, one could easily do this in Java but there are million paths to get this to work. One solution is

Spring MVC + Hibernate + Spring Security
To appreciate this solution, you must know few things like MVC, Dependency Injection, Object Relational Mapping, and etc… I definitely would not recommend this to someone who just learned Java 101 however, this is what it takes to build professional quality web applications. Of course, this is just my preferences and other professionals may choose different tools but should be fairly similar.

Servlets/JSP + JDBC
This is for absolute beginners and honestly, should not be used in critical web applications. For learning purpose, go for it! Also, any Java web developers must learn these before tackling the advanced frameworks. This is what I would recommend.

I can see that you’re looking for “guide” but what you really want is “Servlets/JSP” book. This will tell you how to implement your requirements. G’luck!