Simple getURL() question


I have a flash project with a simple button in it and geturl code attached.
When I use “Test Movie”, clicking on the button doesn’t do anything.
If I publish it though and open with Firefox, it works.

Is this normal behaviour?


Fairly normal, yes.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think it has to do with your Flash Player security settings.

I remember I’ve had issues like this in the past - maybe not exactly the same though.

If it works in the browser though, it’s all good!

Send me your source ! I will fix it for you ! You can check your code with Flash Player 9 and 10 , AND FLASH CS3 & CS 4

flashvn, it’s just a rectangle used as a button with a geturl code attached to it. I’m just reading tutorials :slight_smile:

Try testing your movie in the browser.