Simple Forum Extension Magento

We are please to introduce Simple Forum Module for Magento, an useful extension that create own forum on Magento store. This extension have most functions, which should have any forum, and its absolutely free.


  1. Manage Forums add, edit, delete, activate, deactivate;
  2. Manage Topics add, edit, delete, activate, deactivate;
  3. Manage Posts add, edit, delete, activate, deactivate;
  4. Configuration;


  1. Easy integrated with any theme;
  2. Search Forum – own search which shows searched results in Topic’s Posts;
  3. Logged customers could create or edit, delete own Topics and Posts;
  4. Forum, Topics, Posts have info about who made them and when (Date and Time);
  5. Who is online functions – shows quantity of logged customers or not logged visitors which browsing Forum, Topic;
  6. Statistic functions – shows total Posts, Topics, Forums, Active Customers;
  7. Jump to function – allow user faster navigate from one Forum (Topic) to another Forum (Topic);
  8. Bookmark Topics;
  9. My account Edit Delete My Topics, My Posts;
  10. Fast replay;
  11. Sort Topics, Posts by date created;

This extension will be useful for you and helps better communicate with your customers on different questions which they have about products, services etc.

If You have any suggestions, ideas about this extension or find some mistake there we will be thankful for your comment on this post.

After installation forum can be viewed

TESTED Magento 1.3.0, Magento 1.4.0

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when you say free what do you mean? I followed the link you provided and it says ‘buy now’.