Simple css issue

hi there,

i have been working on a template but there is an issue with my radio buttons’ text / options that have been bugging me.

in IE 7, and possibly other IE browsers, the text beside the radio buttons are showing centered. i want them to sit flushed left beside the radio buttons. i have tried googling it but none of my changes worked, maybe its my template. can anyone help please? (in Firefox it displays correctly how it should)

example is on the polls section on the left column at:

The alignment for the td, holding the poll responses, is set to center. Did you try to set it to left?

the only center tags i found in the css file are

div.yagendoo_gk_news_image_1_preloader {
background: #000 url(‘…/images/load.gif’) no-repeat center center;

i tried changing these to left but it made no difference

Try floating left the <label>s.

Something like:

.pollstableborder td label { float:left; }

Untested, but you’re getting the idea.

The problems, though, are many for your site, and you should consider taking measures, even if that means coding w/o a CMS :wink:

You should at least, drop the tables for layout, drop the classes on almost every significant parent element, get rid of inline CSS, get rid of deprecated attributes, start a REAL CSS.

Those “centers” are background-image positioning. They have nothing to do with the centering of HTML elements on your page, so you can set those back to what they were.

What donboe is talking about is this, in your HTML (not your CSS):

<table width="95%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1" align="center" class="poll">

		<td style="font-weight: bold;">
			What requires most improvement in Wellingborough?		</td>
		[b]<td align="center">[/b]

If you put an ugly background colour on that td, and then different background colours on the inner td’s inside, you’ll see that while the inner td’s are aligned left (the radio buttons inside are as left as they can be), they themselves are forced to center because you have the align=center on that td I highlighted above.

So, you should get everyone moved over to the left if you just remove the align=“center” there. You shouldn’t have to say “left” as that’s the default.